Investment Management

Celebrating 42 Years Of Service To Our Clients

      Lennox Financial is celebrating more than 42 years of providing financial services to a nationwide clientele of individuals, wealthy families, trusts, and pension plans. Our mission has always been to serve our clients with a high level of expertise, independent thinking, leading edge profitable recommendations, and the utmost integrity.

      Our objective is simple: to protect your assets and make them grow in value. Bringing you true personal service, our goal is to improve your net investment results by providing expert advice and portfolio management. Personal service does not mean higher cost, but it does mean higher quality service that includes direct access and customized account structure. You may select from a choice of account types that range from a self-directed portfolio, to worry-free fulltime management.

     Emphasizing the importance of asset allocation, we believe that being in the best markets and best sectors at the right time produces the best results. We believe in fundamental value investing and portfolio diversification. The majority of our accounts are risk averse and seek conservative prudent management.


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